Elcus Horrott

A Jedi Knight of the Cathar Enclave, gifted in Lightsaber combat


HP: 104 Ref: 24 fort” 25 will”25


Elcus hired the group to transport him to Durr the Hutt’s personal ship to kill the Sith Lord Darth Vox. He invited Korin Dol to join the [[Jedi Enclave]] at [[Cenhirr]], where he studies under the Jedi Master Vo’ren Faalo.

Tall, muscular, with long blond hair, and in the armored version of jedi robes, Elcus resembles a knight from ages long, long past. His connection with the force allows him to telekinetically control several lightsabers at once, each with the same amount of skill as the one (or two) he wields in his hands.

Elcus Horrott

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