Allies Cheat Sheet

Jedi Enclave: The Jedi masters who reside at Cathar
Eeth Koth- A Zabrak Jedi who runs most of the day-to-day of the Enclave
Jaro Bek- an old Arkanian Jedi Master, a tinkerer gifted with an unusual affinity for machinery.
Vo’ren Faalo- A human Jedi Master, possibly the greatest lightsaber duelist of the age, Master to Jedi Knights Elcus Horrott and Korin Dol. Knows a great deal abuot alternative voice traditions and the galaxy in general
Nodon the Cathar Jedi master who leads the Enclave. You’ve heard he was quite the adventurer when he was younger, but now spends most of his time in quiet contemplation in the upper branches of Cenhirr.

Lady Yana Varsin- a Khil noblewoman who has sworn to destory Lectrac Futures. Has offered you safe haven at her base on Nar Shadda. Knows a great deal about Lectrac, but her quest given her quite a few contacts in the criminal underworld.

Hurr the Hutt- your former traveling companion, he has built a palace on the swamp world of Nar Shadda. Possessed of a great many criminal contact, he’s capable of acquiring nearly anything you’d need, for a price.

Jikka- a sapient g0-t0 infrastructure droid originally tasked with the preservation of the city of Cenhirr who has allied itself with Roger’s Droid Rights Movement. Knows nearly everything there is to know about Cathar.

Lophen- a crime lord living on Bool Bingo’s Casino. Knows a great deal about the goings-on in the casino. An avid gambler, he runs a swoop racing league on one of the lower decks.

Teves Kre’lan- A Bothan Spy. Buys and sells information; doesn’t seem as interested in credits, as he does in more information.

Allies Cheat Sheet

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