Bool Bingo's Casino

Bool Bingo’s in a large space station floating within an asteroid field. Out of the way and difficult to get to, it is a popular stop for smugglers, bounty hunters, gamblers, and all other kinds of unsavory types. A lawless den of criminals where anything goes, there’s only one rule: No fighting in the Casino.

Docking fee: 150 credits gets you a hangar for a week.

Notable Locations

The Casino

Located at the center of the station, the Casino is a two story cantina, where all the popular games of the day are represented.
You’ve seen Myna hanging around in the casino.

Lophen’s Den A twi’lek crime lord named Lophen has taken up residence on the station, on the floor below the casino. You’ve heard he’s an avid gambler, and somehow has set up a swoop track on the station.

Bool Bingo's Casino

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