A massive Cathar city, built among, and inside off, several giant trees. Governed by a council of Cathar Elders, outside of Republic control. Cenhirr is a fairly young city, but not heavily populated. The people are friendly, welcoming of strangers, and eager to aid in the city’s development.

Notable Locations

The Cat’s Climb

A cantina frequented by the locals, run by Cathar. Generally much quieter and more friendly than The Thirsty Mynock.
A good place to develop Gather Information

The Thirsty Mynock

A cantina near the spaceport, frequented by the few spacers that come to the city. Formerly owned by a Sullustan named Kan Pien, it has recently come under new management. It has recently seen an increase in business, as seedier patrons have been stopping by for a drink and to use the new sabaac tables
A good place to develop gather information, and insight.

The Jedi Enclave

Cenhirr is home to the Jedi Enclave, a small group of Jedi Masters and their followers who are at odds with the Jedi Council over several philosophical ideas.

The Academies of Cathar

A collection of government institutions set up by the Cathar Elders to strengthen the Cathar people

The Academy of Science: The primary education facility for the hard sciences. Good for developing Know(tech), mechanics

The Academy of Culture: Primary education facility for the soft sciences. Good for developing Know(galactic lore), know(Social science)

The Academy of Defense: The training grounds for the Cathar defense Force. Good for developingp weapon proficiencies, and military-related feats, know(tactics)

The Bomla Corporation

An Ithorian-run corporation, which seems to have a very strong presence in Cenhirr. Bomla specializes in medical goods. As a result, the following types of goods are 5% cheaper in Cenhirr: Life support, Medical Gear, Survival Gear, and Implants


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