Epic Wazz

Occasionally, you (or one of your scribes) reads the books you collected during your adventures in the Quail Valley.
You find some interesting passages. Not SUPER interesting(books is fer sissies), but things that might be useful later.

From It’s Not My Fault Unless I Say It Is by Thom Briams:
You obtained this book when you first joined your companions; Makaria said she had taken it from Acerak when he broke into the cave.
This supposedly autobiographical journal of an eccentric artificer’s life has been thoroughly but incomprehensibly annotated in the scrawl of an unhinged mind.
A lengthy chapter is given to discussing the faults of many of the humanoid races. Though he says nothing of Orks, he does criticize Orcs; he has harsher words for humans. You notice gnomes are not mentioned; the following chapter, however, is titled “The Interplaner Gnome Conspiracy” and consists of the sentence “Never trust a gnome.” and the following series of images.
The last quarter of the book details a dubious account of Briams’s attempt to slay an unholy, supposedly immortal aberration by simultaneously crashing several planes into it, and to harness the resulting energy. The book ends curtly after an abrupt topic shift, with vague claims of needed to find an appropriate door.
The scrawls in the margins and blank spaces of the books are mostly unintelligible but oftentimes rhyming, with the most lucid bits rambling about immortality and omnipotence. A strange geometric designed graffitied across two pages in the back of the book catches your attention. In the center, there is a rough rendering of the Obelisk and Sphere in the Strange Cave. Around the edges,is written “Lolth Pandemonium Garden of Graves Onatar Limbo Tomb of Horrors Corellon Elysium Fortress of Conclusion Hextor Mechanus.” Crude doodles of snakes accompany the precise shapes.

From a Map of the Underdark you found in Larin Karr’s Vault:
One one side, a section of the Underdark is charted in great detail. Various locations are marked and commented in Drow. You’re able to discern the cartographer was searching for a location to build The Vault.
On the other side, in the same handwriting, are some structural calculations and list of geological features. A note in the middle reads, “Misdirection, Obfuscation, Deceit. The Vault must be secretive and remote enough to dissuade common tomb raiders, but notorious enough for them to find it when they come looking. It must not only keep the shard safe, but prepare them for what awaits in the Tomb”

From a Spellbook you found in Larin Karr’s Vault:
Though most of the book is filled Larin Karr’s spells, a brief message is scrawled on a secret page. There are several drops of blood on the page as well: “It has been two days since I left Ferdozan,and I’m still trouble having adjusting.I am unsure of exactly what happened there in the Tomb, but that doesn’t matter for now. This shard, and whatever the thing in Tomb it came out of was, is needed to stop the Whispering Darkness, so it must be kept safe.”

Epic Wazz

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