Jedi Enclave

The Jedi Enclave is a group of Jedi Masters and their followers who left the Jedi Council of Coruscant after a disagreement on several issues. They still consider themselves members of the Jedi Order, and still subject themselves to the rulings and orders of the Council.
They are forbidden from moving against any of the factions which govern Sith Space, but they still police Unaligned space as best they can, offering aid wherever they can.
As your group is not beholden to the rulings of the Council, they’ve offered to reward the group if you provide them with information regarding any hostile plot, and would pay more if you manage to foil any.

Notable Members

Masters of the Enclave

Master Nodon
Master Eeth Koth
Master Jaro Bek
Master Vo’ren Faalo

Knights of the Enclave

Elcus Horrot
Korin Dol

Jedi Enclave

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