Nar Shadda

A smuggler’s moon, orbiting the hutt homeworld Nal Hutta. Mostly under the control of The Exchange, but Durr the Hutt’s Criminal Empire has been making gains.

Docking fee: 200 Credits, plus 1500 to keep your presence a secret.

Notable Locations

Nar Shadda

Nar Shadda is a dangerous place, but even moreso due to the large bounties placed on you by Durr The Hutt. Lady Varsin has informed you of which areas of Nar Shadda should be avoided, and can afford you a measure of anonymity and protection for 1500 credits.
Almost everything is available for sale on Nar Shadda, as the thriving Black Market can find almost anything, for the right price. Due to the information you’ve passed to Varsin’s Vendetta, you’re able to purchase weapons for 2% under the price, and ship parts for 1% under the price
The narrow alleys and unscrupulous denizens of Nar Shadda offer plenty of practice for stealth, deception, and perception

Varsin’s Vendetta

A Criminal Organization, centered mainly around stealing technology from, destroying the property of, and generally hampering the operations of Lectrac Futures, run by Lady Yana Varsin.
Lady Varsin has given you a Hypertransciever and said she’d contact you if she happens across any jobs you would be well suited for.
You’ve stolen some data and ships from Lectrac Futures. Lady Varsin will reward you for giving her copies of the data, and will likely give you a good price on the ships.

Nar Shadda

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