Side quests

This should serve as a single place for things the players can do between adventures:

Skill Training

Training or focusing on a skill can be done at locations around the galaxy; examples are listed in several locations, but the DM is willing to hear other justifications

The Ship

The Rakatan Artifact in the Ship’s engineering bay is still a mystery

Lectrac Data

Data stolen from Lectrac Futures can be studied for personal benefit and given to Yana Varsin.
You’ve currently got the following available:
Weapon Data- 2- Requires Tech Specialist; Mechanics Bonus to tech spec
Pesmitt’s Research- 3- Information About the Artifact- 2 read
Business Information- 1- Bonus to knowledge(Bureaucracy)
Ship Schematics- 2- Requires Trained in Mechanics; Mechanics Bonus to ship installation
Troop Information- 1- Bonus to Knowledge(tactics)

Side quests

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