Nerfherders of the Old Republic

For once, the galaxy is at peace. The last war between the Sith Empire and the Republic resulted in a narrow victory for the Republic.

Sith space has degraded into factions of the old Empire struggling for dominance. Local warlords, aging Admirals, and the remnants of the Sith order are engaged in constant conflict, each asserting that they are the successor to the empire.

The Republic’s forces have been nearly wiped out. Without the strength to properly clean up the remains of the Sith Empire, they refuse to make any movement into Sith Space, fearing the republic presence may unite the warring factions. The Republic turns its gaze inward, attempting to rebuild its infrastructure in the core worlds, and abandoning many worlds in the rim, forming a vast swath of Unaligned worlds left to fend for themselves while they recuperate.

On the world of Onderon, our story begins as a Hutt, a droid, and kel dorian walk into a repair shop where a tagruta works…

Nerfherders of the Old Republic

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