Nerfherders of the Old Republic

HK-48a Log Segment #5351


  • Boot Up. I appear to have been repaired by Rakat. Head backwards. Issuing insult 9912 to coerce proper repair. Shutdown initiated.
  • Boot Up. I am functioning at 20% capacity. Repairs initiated. Initial scans indicate the ship is in Hyperspace. Queries to companions indicate we are bound for Cathar. Approximately 16 hours till arrival. 3.25 hours needed for repairs.
  • Repairs successful. Operating at 100% efficiency.
  • Arrival at Cathar. En route to Droid HQ for consultation with Jikka. Korrin and Orren en route to Jedi to report. Oshi and Rakat status unknown.
  • Query to Jikka on space traffic to Sith Space. Information provided on several cargo ships with gaps in flight logs. Quarren pilot listed presents a 52.6% probability of being a smuggler by description and inherent racial characteristics. Also presents a 95% chance of profitable encounter. Will seek out immediately.
  • Arrival at Quarren Ship. Preliminary sensory scan indicates possible smuggler’s compartment in port-aft quarter of ship. Audio sensors detect possible captive within hidden compartment.
  • Ship hull standard construction, 98% durasteel, 2% plascrete reinforcement. Application of plasma torch will require approximately 580 seconds to cut a 1.6 meter diameter portal. Application of lightsaber will require approximately 48 seconds. Initiate Jedi subroutine 0041.
  • Cutting of portal accomplished in 46.2 seconds. Hidden chamber appears to be a slave smuggling compartment. Malnourished wookie shackled within. Initiating negotiation-interrogation subroutine 0203 indicates Quarren is a slave trader working out of Kasshyyk in Sith space.
  • Quarren has arrived on scene with local authorities. Initiation of summary of Wookie situation appears to put guards on my side. Quarren reaction of fear indicates possible exploitation for information. Quarren attempted to flee, but stopped by companions. Initiating deception routine 0014 and negation-interrogation subroutine 0049.
  • Quarren successfully intimidated and interrogated. Subject has given the name of a Twilek contact by the name of Pharophine, at Phalo’s Cantina on Nar Shadda. This Twilek apparently organizes safe passage to Sith space for slave trade. Situational analysis indicates this contact may be leveraged to locate the Sith agent that previously escaped, or at least gain access to Sith space so he may be tracked. Quarren turned over to authorities.
  • Encyclopedic entry on wookies indicates slave trade due to exceptional strength and manual dexterity with fine implements. Entries also indicate extremes in honoring depts, including a “life debt.” Rescue of slave indicates a 90% probability that this wookie will attempt to repay the rescue with some sort of equal service. Will introduce the wookie to Jikka and apply life debt repayment to liberating droids.
  • Companions informed of Quarren’s information. Rakat Ve indidicates that Blade Wen may be tracked by scanning for a particular radiation signature. Calculations of last known trajectory indicate Koriban and Kashyyk as possible destinations. Logical plan formulations suggests that safe passage to Sith space be obtained before tracking endeavors. There is a 68% probability that this may be obtained from Pharophine.
  • Orren informs party of a transport job that requires travel to Nar Shadda. The job is convenient and a logical endeavor. After departure from Cathar I contact Droid Shuttle 001 to return to our previous location and salvage Sith Infiltrator. After a retrofit and liberation of a pilot droid the ship will make an excellent addition to fleet.
  • First stop at Bool Bingo’s casino is uneventfull. Standard docking procedures. Initiated bodyguard subroutine 006 to accompany Orren on pickup. Mission uneventfull. Departure to Nar Shadda.
  • Arrival at Nar Shadda. Ravek and Orren arrange docking with Lady Varsin. Calculating 95% probability that Varsin will extort extra money for docking fees.
  • Group gathers information on location of Phalo’s Cantina. We proceed to location.
  • Cursory examination of Cantina indicates small local crime syndicate base of operations. Initiating deception routine 0191 and negation-interrogation subroutine 0067 with bartender to meet with Phalophine. Attempt at direct negation meets with failure. Psychological profile of Phalophine indicates small scale crime lord with heightened sense of importance. Low quality base of operation and Gammorean guards indicate reliance on fear of power rather than actual power. There is only a 32% probability that continued civil negation will yield positive results. There is a 74% probability that use of fear in negotiation-interrogation will yield positive results.
  • Formulation of interrogation plan complete. Local patrons, guards, and home advantage indicate a 28% probability that direct confrontation will yield positive results. Seclusion of target from all factors preferred. Cursory examination of environment shows fastest and most direct exit from premisis is directly up. Target appears within weight tolerance, however structural integrity of the roof is unknown.
  • Conversation terminated. Exiting the building indicates one story structure. A quick sabotage job on the roof should lower structural integrity to a point required for egress. Upon re-entering the bar, conversation to meet with Phalophine again fails. Logical interpretation of Crime Lord encyclopedia entries indicates a 80% probability that an additional meeting can be arranged with a bribe. A 10,000 credit bribe is offered. Success.
  • Upon meeting with Phalophine, Initiate grapple attack subroutine 0678. Target secure. Targeting ceiling with Heavy Blaster Cannon. Maximum yield. Repulsorjets engaged. Maximim load capacity reached with target but sufficient escape velocity achievable at half speed.
  • Target altitude of 500 meters reached. Initiating negotiation-interrogation subroutine 1081. Subject extremely tolerant of intimidation. Attempting negotiation-interrogation subroutine 1622. Success, an accord has been reached. Subject returned to Cantina.
  • Cursory examination of scene indicates party attempted covert assistance, but are unharmed. Phalophine keeps to the deal, and we have arranged passage as slave traders to Kashyyk.
  • Arrival at Kashyyk. Minor Sith presence. Initial radiation scans show no sign of target. More information to the location of Blade Wen required. Situational analysis indicates 40% chance of success through direct combat, 15% chance of direct communication success, 70% chance of success continuing posing as a slave trader and obtaining information on planet.
  • Communication with Sith control initiated. Combining personality profiles of known criminals and traders for voice modulation. Initiate deception routine 0054. Success, we have permission to land.
  • Interaction with local administrators indicates no signs of Blade Wen. Previous astrological calculations indicate next probable destination Korriban. There is a 83% chance of successfully infiltrating Korriban space as wookie slave trader due to unforged flight logs from kashyyk and wookie cargo. Minimal investment in wookies required to pose as trader. Jedi nobility subroutines indicate best possible use of slave purchase would go towards liberating a complete family. Sith administrators willing to sell family for 9000 credits. Tactical intelligence subroutines indicates best possible use of slave purchase would go towards liberating a wookie resistance leader or elder who could provide more information. At cost of 3000 credits, one is available. 12000 credit investment could yield massive material, spiritual, and intelligence dividends. Full purchase of all 5 wookies initiated.
  • Upon departure, wookies informed of imminent freedom and offered relocation and employment services with Jikka. Elder wookie questioned for information. Information of Blades and general Sith force disposition obtained.
  • Arrival at Korriban. Deception routine 0054 initiated again with minor re-programming of vocal scripts. Cargo scans and flight logs legitimate and landing on Korriban trade port approved.
  • Log suspended.
A long time ago....

After a chance meeting, Hurr the Hutt, Korin Dol, Roger, and Rakat Ve found themselves in the house of a blind miraluke who told them that their futures, and in some cases their lives, were dependent upon them staying together.

Following the miraluke’s advice, they soon found themselves contacted by Lady Yana Varsin, a Khil noblewoman who believed her husband’s death was at the hands of the company he worked for, Lectrac Futures, specifically due to a researcher named Dr. Pesmitt. Lady Varsin provided the group with the means to steal a prototype ship from Dr. Pesmitt, and in the ensuing raid, they also managed to make off with a prototype hyperdrive.

The ship’s engine room contained a strange sculpture which was wired into the ship. In front of it was a large white floor panel, and there were similar smaller white panels at each of the primary command posts. Rakat and Korin working together discovered how to interface with the strange sculpture, gaining access to an unusual computer system which presented itself in a foreign language in the mind of the user. Further experimentation showed that when the white panels at the side gunner positions were accessed properly, two small ships debarked from the main.

Meeting up with Lady Varsin at her base on Nar Shadda, the group was introduced to Oren Varr, a freelancer who occasionally did work for Lady Varsin. The group agreed to accompany Oren on a job he’d set up, picking up a contact from a satellite station.

The group arrived to find the station in chaos. The droid workers were all experiencing a severe malfunction and attacked everything they saw. As the group approached the elevator to the control room, they saw a large, brass plated droid coming down the elevator. It attacked them on sight, and was destroyed by the group. When they entered the control room, they found Oren’s contact: a droid, destroyed, riddled with holes from a slugthrower. They noticed that the self-destruct sequence had been activated, and raced out, taking the head of the brass droid as they fled the exploding station.

Hurr said he had a plan to steal from his brother, Durr the Hutt. They group agreed to meet with his contact who had access codes to the ship, but no means of getting there. The man was Elcus Horrott, a jedi knight who was on the trail of a Sith Lord who was attempting to meet with Durr.

Durr’s ship came under attack by a rival crime syndicate when the group attempted to board. The cover was more than enough to allow them easy access. As they ran through the corridors, there was a sudden loud shriek, and the ship shook. Elcus claimed he sensed the Sith Lord and broke off from the group. He implored the padawan Korin to aid him, and she agreed to follow, as did Oren.
Hurr, Rakat, and Roger made their way to the primary computer center, fighting off Durr’s guards, and managed to hack into the system, and made off with a good sized prize.
Elcus, Korin, and Oren tracked down the Sith Lord, and Ithorian named Darth Vox. Elcus battled Darth Vos as the others defeated his personal guard, but the Sith Lord was able to overcome the Knight, tossing his unconscious body through a wall before turning to Oren and Korin. However, he seemed to recognize the young Kel Dorian, and demanded to know where her master was. When he was rebuffed, he attacked the pair. Weakened and tired from fighting Elcus, he was overcome, and when Korin struck him down, his body disappeared. They recovered the wounded Jedi Knight and made their way back to the ship.
As they departed, they fired on the bay, erasing any direct connection to their involvement.

At Elcus’s offer, the group traveled to cenhirr, to meet with the jedi enclave. After arriving, their ship was impounded by the Enclave due to “the presence of a dangerous artifact.”
The group met with the Enclave, and presented their case. After Master Jaro Bek examined the ship, he determined that the artifact was in safe hands. He explained that it seemed to be Rakatan in origin, a remnant of a long dead civilization which had once controlled the galaxy.

Korin was accepted into the Enclave, and was given a mission as part of her training: she had to travel to Naboo, a recently discovered planet, and learn the fate of a Jedi who had accompanied a group of settlers. The group picked up the trail of the lost Jedi, and came upon a sunken temple, where they found the corpse of the Jedi, killed by a lightsaber and being fed upon by a pair of dark force infused swamp monsters. Deeper in, they found the collapsed temple entrance, and the corpse of a Sith, dead by a slugthrower. The group returned to the settler’s camp only to find it destroyed, with the only survivor being a malfunctioning droid whose memory contained only a fragmentary video of a large, brass plated droid.
Korin decided to remain on Cathar for a while, to continue her training with the Enclave.

The group was again contacted by Lady Varsin, who wanted them to meet with another one of her agents, Oshi, to raid another Lectrac facility. The raid went well, with the group capturing several ships, and making off with a signifcant amount of Lectrac’s personal files.
The station was crippled by a series of well placed bombs.

Returning to Nar Shadda to claim their reward from Lady Varsin, they overcame the bounty hunter Ssurk, and forced him to help them trick Durr the Hutt out of half the tremendous ransom he’d placed on his brother. Rakat’s keen senses noticed they were being tailed by a Bothan, but the group were unable to corner him as they executed their plan against Durr.

Hurr received word of an easy job, a freighter belong to a crime syndicate. However, when the group made the rendezvous, the freighter hit them with several tracking droids, and a blast of ion energy from the surface of a nearby planet crippled their ship. Roger quickly crwled onto the hull and removed the droid, while Rakat’s expert piloting allowed them to take cover in a crevasse on the planet’s surface. They managed to avoid detection and repair the hyperdrive. As they fled the planet’s surface, they recieved a message from a man in grey and black, wearing a pair of red goggles, who told them “You cannot hide forever. The Sith Council will have its vengeance” before they made the jump to hyperspace.

The group returned to Cathar to lick their wounds, where Korin, now a Jedi Knight, joined them, but Hurr departed quietly, saying he had some business to attend to, and that the group should contact him if they ever needed work. Rakat noticed the Bothan again, and after a daring chase through the branches of Cenhirr, he was captured. He said his name was Teves Kre’lan, and he’d been paid to gather information on the group, but he was unaware of who his employer was—part of the professional courtesy of his line of work. After explaining that they were attacked by the Sith not long after they first noticed him, Teves agreed to help the group find out who was after them.

Oren was contacted by one of his more active client to transport a briefcase from Bool bingo’s casino, a remote space station, to Onderon. At Bool Bingo’s, Oren ran into a spacer named Myna. She asked his help in stopping a smuggler who she’d tracked to this station, but couldn’t find his exact location. The group was able to help her find his hangar, but couldn’t help her in the assault. The job went smoothly, despite a brief altercation with a thief who Oren had previously worked with.

Upon returning to Cathar, Teves had information regarding his client: the Sith had, in fact, hired him. He provided the group with information detailing the working of their intrasystem ion defense cannon. With his information, they were able to sneak into the system, disable the cannon by taking out its targeting satellites, and attack the base by surprise.
They discovered the base was led by Blade Wen, a powerful sith assassin, but managed to drive him off. As he fled, he was forced to damaged his ship to shake off the pursuing Roger, as the rest of the party frantically worked to prevent the systems from erasing all the data held within.

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