Darth Vox

An Ithorian Sith Lord, killed on Durr the Hutt's personal ship


Darth Vox was a Sith Lord who planned on meeting [[:Durr The Hutt]] on the Crime Lord’s personal ship. An Ithorian with sickly grey skin patterned with solid black lines, his racial ability to shout was amplified by the Dark Side of the Force, causing Durr’s ship to shake noticeably when he used it.

Elcus Horrot, [[:Korin Dol]], and [[:Oren Varr]] encountered him and his escort. While Korin and Oren defeated the Sith Troopers, Elcus faced off against Darth Vox, wounding and weakening the Sith Lord, but was ultimately defeated. When Vox turned his attention to the others, he recognized Korin saying “You’re alive? Who is your master?” He attacked the pair and was killed in the ensuing fight, but his body disappeared upon his death.

Darth Vox

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